daş şüşə metal ərintisi üçün yeni və ya istifadə olunan su jet kəsici maşın

satış üçün istifadə olunan su jet kəsici maşın

New or used su jet kəsici maşın for stone glass metal alloy

Məhsul təsviri

The 5 axes water jet cutting machine equips with the A axes (jet swing axes) and C axes (rotating axis) based on the original 3 axes water jet cutter. These two axes can make the cutting head swinging at any angle during the cutting process, and this machine can calculate the real-time cutting trajectory by using the preset angle model of numerical control system, after that the calculation result will be corrected according to the material properties and thickness of the cutting workpiece. With 5 axes control system and 3D programming software, our water jet cutting machine can achieve true three-dimensional dynamic cutting. This machine can cut the product cross section without inclination, and cut bevel at any angle, as well as cut the workpiece vertically, especially cut cone, curved impeller, gear, etc.

Texniki parametrlər

Bevel axis (A): ±45°
Rotary axis (C): ±540°
Control accuracy: ±0.01mm
Angle accuracy: 0.01°

Italy ECS Controlling System

One full set of machine consists of cnc controller,worktable ,pump ,abrasive delivery system and water cooling tower.


Əsas xüsusiyyət:

Nəzarət: PLC

Dəyişdirmə: elektro-hidrolik idarəetmə

Soyutma: soyuducu / yağ istilik dəyişdiricisi

Su filtrinin dəqiqliyi: ≤0.45μm

Yağ qaytaran filtr dəqiqliyi: 20 mkm

İş tempi: 0-60 ° c

Çıxış: UNF 3/8 "

Soyutma / xaricdə buraxma: NPT1 "

Max orifice size:0.33mm


-the configurations single pole two-way plunger type intensifier

- The intensifier assembly is imported the USA(Hypertherm)

- USA pipeline

- Single-row type water filtering system

(5Micron, 1micron, 0.45micronparallel)

- Manual pressure regulation


- Extra pressure auto stop and protection

- Three-ply safeguards


Model(can be customed)ACCURL-L2015ACCURL-L3020ACCURL-L4030ACCURL-X1520ACCURL-X1830
Machine type (L:Gantry,X:Cantilever)GantryGantryGantryCantileverCantilever
Efficient cutting area(mm)


Axis travel(mm)X axis20003000400015001800
Y axis15002000300020003000
Z axis150150150150150
CNC control systemAc Servo motor
DəqiqlikCutting accuracy+/- 0.1mm
Repeat accurary+/- 0.05mm
Processing speed0-15m/min
Enerji təchizatı240V/380V/415VAC,3ph,50Hz/60Hz(can be customed)


17”LCD liquid crystal display

- DNC on-line working function

- Functions of returning arbitrary point, bending,

and circular arc working auto deceleration.

- Function of cutting figure imitation display.

- 80GB memory hard disk

- MITSUBISHI AC servo driver and motor.

-1GB memory card

- Multilingual function(Chinese English ,etc.,)

- Drive-by-wire and hand-hold controller,

- NAIKY PCIMC-6A special software is special for YC.

Optional accessories

Application area and cutting samples:

Bizim xidmətlə

1. Pre-sale service

1.1 YC owns a 10 years team focusing on Waterjet,we promise providing first-time service.

1.2 Any question will be replied within 12 hours ,we promise providing a reasonable and detailed quotaiton.

1.3 welcome Sending material to us, and we will cut into sample as requirement.

2. After-sale service

2.1: In the guarantee period, if there is an accident, we will response within 12 hours after receiving the news. We will direct the operating staff in the ways of telephoto fax and email. If you still don’t know how to repair, we will send a maintenance staff to the spot within 48 hours after receiving news.

2.2: if need purchase wearing parts , we will response within 12 hours and provide technical assistance after receiving the news.

Tez məlumat

Vəziyyəti: Yeni
İstehsal yeri: Anhui, Çin (Mainland)
Brend Adı: ACCURL
Model Number: L3015/3020/2515/4020
Voltage:380/220/400VAC, 50Hz ,3 phase
Rated Power: 30kw/40hp or 37kw/50hp
Dimension(L*W*H): according to machine model
Weight: 3000KG-7000kg as to model
Certification:CE, ISO9001
Warranty:1 year
Satışdan sonrakı xidmət: Mühəndislər xaricdə işləyə bilər
Machine name: New or used water jet cutting machine for stone glass metal alloy
Cutting materials: Stainless steel , brass, aluminum, marble,granite,tile,glass.etc
Structure type: Gantry type or Cantilever type
Max. pressure:380mpa or 420mpa
Kəsmə dəqiqliyi: +/- 0.1mm
Maksimum axın sürəti: 3,7 L / Min
Max. orifice diameter: 0.33mm(0.013'')
AC servo control system: MITSUBISHI
Ball screw: HIWIN
Gücləndirici qurğu: Hiperterm (Accustream), KMT (H2)


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